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 برنامج land scape vision v5.4.2

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تاريخ التسجيل : 06/03/2009

مُساهمةموضوع: برنامج land scape vision v5.4.2   الأربعاء مارس 11, 2009 7:34 am

Landscape Vision v5.4.2
Windows OS | Size: 42.00 Mb

Landscape Vision Garden Design Software is an easy to
use garden, landscape design software program. Easy to use, informative
and fun. You are five steps away from designing your dream garden,
landscape with our landscape software. A unique gift for any gardener
or homeowner on your shopping list.

Easy To Use Landscape Design Software. Perfect for Homeowners,
Landscapers, Gardeners & Outdoor Enthusiasts. Before you purchase a
single plant, buy pavers and outdoor living products; see then in your
garden and on your patio. Save time and money on your next landscaping
project with our robust yet easy to use landscape software.
Landscape Vision

Software Features:
Full Screen
Free Flow Sketching Tool
Walkways, Pavers & Putting Greens
Help Menu
Import Your Own Images
Award Winning Plant Database
Outdoor Living Products
24/7 Support

Landscape Vision Software - New Version 5.4 Release
Landscape Vision 5.4 landscape design delivers 7 powerful tools assisting you in designing the yard of your dreams.

Hardscape Options/ Free-Form Hardscapes: Landscape Vision 5.4 landscape
design arrives pre-loaded with several hardscapes from which to choose
(lawn, mulch, lattice, walkways and putting greens). Need more options?
Landscape Vision 5.4 landscape design allows you the ability to sketch
ANY hardscape you desire, even hardscapes that are difficult to sketch
or to match stone patterns are no problem with Landscape Vision 5.4
landscape design.

Import Your Own Plants: With over 1000 high-quality plant images from
which to choose, you are sure to find what you are seeking on your
landscape. If you do not find the plants you are looking for you simply
can import your own plant images!

Download Images Feature: A number of top landscaping-related product
vendors offer top quality plants, stones, bricks and outdoor living
products on this website. These select vendors have prepared
high-quality product images that are available for you to download and
import into your landscape design.

Import Images Feature: Allows you the Import Image capability which you
can turn on and use to add or replace any image in any category.

Full Screen Design Window: Provides the maximum viewing area for creating and visualizing your landscape designs.

Add Outdoor Living Products: Finished completing your home environment
design with landscaped gardens, walkways, walls and patios? Now add the
finishing touches with Outdoor Living products. Populate your yard
design by adding fountains to your gardens, adding lawn-furniture to
your patios, adding a Gazebo to your yard or adding "whatever you want
to import" into your design!

Buy Now Feature: Once you have completed your design, and have printed
your landscape design shopping list you now have the option to PURCHASE
the items on that list at our newly re-designed store Landscape Vision
store (Coming Soon Visit Us again or send us an email so we can
announce the stores arrival). See your designed items and products on
you property, then you have the ability to simply purchase them. It can
not get any easier for you to design your dream Landscape Vision.

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned pro, Landscape Vision 5.4
landscape design software adds the missing element to quickly and
easily create the landscape you have always desired.

System Requirements: PC's running Windows 2000, Windows XP, 96MB RAM+, Pentium II+


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برنامج land scape vision v5.4.2
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